The Grittystyle Movement is a hard grinding  family orientated Independant company that is a NEW FORCE to recon with in Sourthern California that represents Black&Brown Unity to the fullest. Our Mission is to Advocate, Inform, and Celebrate social change led by CEO/Mentor ""FrankNitty""  & his young Inspiring protege """YungBlu"" along with main producer ""Vision""  and a chosen few souljahs who all play a unique role in understanding the DEEPER side of  HipHop  who live those characteristics out with the sole purpose to bring URBAN music back to the forefront of the music Industry on the Westcoast. Our music will speak for itself. Thanks for the support, our time is coming! 


YungBlu is far far ahead of his time when it comes to writing music with substance”

— LayzieBone (BoneThugsNHarmony)

I will keep my eyes on him”

— Missy Elliot

One of the hardest upcoming Latinos with a message in Southern California”

— WC (Westside Connection)

That boy Blu aint no joke!!! Smart kid also!!”

— BrothaLynchHung (Strange Music)

He is the Future and im not putting extra's on it”

— SugaFree

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